We are fundraising by
harnessing the power of community!

Access an undiscovered group of investors at the base of the pyramid.


Fundraise with

Create a more sustainable fundraising strategy with lower attrition.



Tap into a primed audience

Create more equitable investment opportunities by connecting with “Main Street” investors

Convert supporters into donors and investors

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Fundraising with cause platforms is successful for a variety of organizations!

One organization that delivers daily meals to NY’s homebound elderly was able to reach 6K new supporters in just three months which converted to 177 unique donors. 

Another organization that is a gender-focused nonprofit aiming to end violence against women and girls was able to achieve a 7% conversion rate on their calls for regular giving.

This method is proven to have 100% ROI based on a sample of 50K campaigns run by 3K nonprofits.

Are you ready to level up your fundraising strategy?

Leverage "Cause" platforms to tap into primed investors and donors.

By leveraging “cause platforms”, we can identify and engage with people who are actively supporting causes similar to yours. This means you’ll gain access to a well of potential funding from leads that are already primed to support you.

Are you ready to level up your fundraising strategy?


Using the power of COMMUNITY

Benefits of finding primed leads through a cause platform:

· You'll receive consent-to-contact by email, phone, or SMS
· You'll pay a fixed cost-per-lead with no add-ons or surprise fees
· You'll own your own data and are guaranteed no duplicates

Creating a better future

There is a better way to create shared prosperity by investing in funds:

  • that are professionally managed by women and people of color who outperform; and
  • whose portfolio of companies are restoring marginalized communities (rather than extracting from them).

Going forward we can move our money toward equalizing opportunity.

We provide

What we do: We find you new investors and donors who align with your mission.

How we do it:

We work with you and our “cause” platform partners to:

  • set the target demographics of people who align with your mission.
  • deliver to you a curated contact list of new potential investors or donors who
    are currently supporting organizations with missions like yours.

We also help you to:

  • manage outreach to hundreds of potential investors or donors.
  • pool investors who contribute smaller amounts.
  • adopt efficient onboarding to get users through the subscription and payment processes.


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